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Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit.
-Virgil, The Aeneid, book i., l. 203.

First, sorry for being a lousy person regarding writing/staying in contact. This especially goes out to the Pawtowskis, as they've sent me birthday and holiday cards, and prezzies, and I'm such an utter cad for not replying or returning the much cherished geasture. Dunno what I've done to deserve friends like you guys, but can't imagine what you've done in past lives to deserve me, you poor sods.

For everyone else... well. You know me, I fall silent when I'm either depressed, keeping secrets, or both. This time, it's been both. The depression is much the usual thing, fun with internal chemicals, oh woe. : P  The biz is going as I predicted it would, ie nowhere at this time of year, but hey, I've got my biz cards! And I've been doing enough flatting that I've not had enough time to work on a proper website. Sigh. I'm thinking of just slapping something together with GoLive. Yay for presets.

As for the secret... 

Well. Um. An editor for DC comics sent me a script. It's just a test drive, the script is to Nightwing #52 from a few years back, to see if my pencil skills are up to it... He's seriously interested, said my slapped together at the last minute with nada comic-booky stuff portfolio was the best he saw at the Birmingham Int'l Comic show. Serious enough that when I emailed him about scanning sizes and the like, he promptly sent me official DC comics paper. Friday. The last day before holidays.  So... Yeah, I think seriously interested in my work, which means, ah....


And lastly, because I honestly don't quite know what to say about the above bit, an amusing story. Mum will kill me if she finds this on my journal, but dammit, I want to share:

And there you go. Panic, anyone?

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Nothing seems to be going anywhere with that company that was so keen a fortnight ago. Grr.

Anyway, trying to come up with ways to get something. Have already had two people going 'ooh, but no, not until after Xmas/New Year/The Great Day in which Lord Ctullu smashes Down the Gates of Hell, etc.  I knew perfectly well that starting this biz at this time of year was stupid. Told the gov. guy that back in -May-. 

So. Ideas and help, people? Here's a rough idea for my biz card, and a rough for the postcard thing I'm putting in the Brittox News Agents. Everyone in town gawps at the notice boards there, but the stuff there is boring. *grin* Brian, you may recognise this... Sorry, pinched it for the flyer.

*   or

Only I'm really 'meh' on the text stuff. I'm not the best at self-promotion. : P  Singe, you still willing to help, despite my being a twit? The text there says "JUMP! At the chance to have a bespoke piece of art in your own home by skilled local muralist and illustrator,  J. Kelley. Whether you’re looking for something unique for a child’s bedroom or a sophisticated point of interest for your home, it can be done!"  It's okay, gets what I want across, but the last bit, it can be done, well, sucks, doesn't it? And the original version I had of this, the tiger was smaller, so there was more white space. May go back to that, not sure.

And now the biz cards:

Love or hate them? Think the fonts are lousy or unreadable? Colours? I'm following the 'keep it simple, stupid' method of design, trying not to look infantile or overly arty. (an interesting thing to do when I've got over 200 shiny nifty fonts on my computer...) **

Beyond this, well. Real life stuff, mostly ugh and depressing. Some moments of such bad stuff that I just ended up laughing because it was really so preposterous. 

Thngs happening this week:  

Thurs- appt with jaw consultant at RUHospital Bath. About bloody time!! Argh!! Meet with the specialist at 10am. Bet they'll go, oooh, poor thing, lets book you another appt for six months from now. I'd grind my teeth at the thought, but that would be -bad-.

Fri- My birthday.   It's typical, years of being utterly unfazed by the rising digits, deeply disinterested in high school reunions and suchlike, and this year, I notice my age. Why, you might ask? Because I had the shock realisation that I'm exactly twice as old as I was when I became president of VTAS.  Some of you people reading this: I've known you half my life.  *sways in shock* Not that I feel any older, mind you. However, I rather wish life was a bit more like a video game, so that when you screw up or realise that you really ought to have grabbed that sparkly thing back in the last dungeon, you could just hit reset and start over at your last save. I don't want to utterly relive my life, I'm mostly happy with things. But dammit, missed a few sparkly things. No perfect score ending FMV for me. *grin*

*Edit - And Dad just pointed out that the left image I'd done up for a flyer would make a great biz card on its own. Hmm.
**Edit- And whilst the cards say www.illusoryarts.com and I own the domain, I've not got a site up yet, so don't bother, sez I.

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Lost another bloody post... argh. And one that was full of more stuff going on than I've had days. AARGH!

So, today in brief.

  •  Signed the paperwork today that makes me officially self-employed. Scary.
  •  Impromptu talk with real estate agent. He wants biz cards/brochures to pass around to other estate agencies and mates. Do I have them? Noooo. See item (a).
  • Left for the next event in a rush, tripped over nothing in my super cool nifty boots and if a car had been coming, I would have been smooshed. Mum was behind me, and we both hyperventilated over it. Beyond scary.
  • Met with my first client, a corporate one no less. No further along than getting the brief, talking ideas and such, but daaaaaamn.  Between the Sheets is a very fancy bespoke bed linen place, online trading with a showroom available for bookings. The owner knows exactly what she wants (scary!) and that is some form of false windows/french doors that look light and frothy... and that can be manipulated for photoshoots as well as good showroom pieces.  (Why, why, why, don't I get the ickle tyke who wants a car painted on his wall as a first job?  Wah!)   I sort of know a way to do it, but if anyone with theatrical/photographic prop experience has some ideas, see item (b). P.S. the owner loved my boots.
  • And when I showed the client the before and after shots of the faux wall down in the basement of the castle, she got tremendously excited... and wants to look at the Castle for a photoshoot. *pause*  Er. Ahahaahaha!  So, in short, we'll be doing some cleaning.
  • I walked from the clients back to the Castle. In the boots. In the fog. 2.5 miles. Ow.

And that covers that. Items (a) and (b):

(a) Help?! Is anyone out there good at copy? I'm not very good at promoting my own work, and have been flummoxed by this. Email me with ideas/paragraphs/jokes to make the pain go away?

(b) Help, help?! I plan to hit Rain up for ideas tomorrow, as she's done a lot of theatrical design work, but if anyone else has ideas, I would -love- to hear them. Pleaaaaaase?!


I'm torn between being absolutely shattered from a busy, euphoric and painful day, and feeling like Janine Melnitz. "WE GOT ONE!"
Now if I can just keep it up... *worry*

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Made my first ever lasagna today. (Episode 1 with aubergines was actually two days ago. Grilled slices, then daubed them with sun-dried tomato paste and scorcher cheese, breaded incompetently then served with pasta. Found out I added a bit too much salt when de-watering or whatever the aubergines. It was still declared yum by family, including Rain who loathes eggplant.)  I didn't like the recipes I found, so I kind of slapped two together and added my own ideas. I've never been good at following recipes, but it almost always turns out well. So... roasted a sliced aubergine with two whole garlic bulbs and two red onions. (I'd never roasted veg before, and am not certain I did it right... My brain kept saying "it's not blackened, can't be roasted, right?") Smooshed a few of the roasted cloves with minced beef as I browned it, added crushed tomato and the onions. Mixed spinach and cream cheese ('cause I don't care much for ricotta), then alternated: meat sauce, lasagna sheet, spinach sauce, mozza, rinse, repeat. Turned out pretty good. Must remember that if the recipe called for red wine and I skip the booze, I need to add some other kind of liquid in its place. Was a teensy bit dry around the sides.

Got my NHS consultant appt for my stupid bloody jaw at long last... sadly, it's not until the 30th of Nov. Siiiiiiiigh. At least it's this year. Mind, it is just a consultancy. I'm expecting a "Why yes, your jaw is bad. Painful, huh? Dunno what we can do..."  Dammit. And earlier today, as I walked by the canal, it went and made that crunchy sound that reverberates right in my ear and ensures that the next 24hrs are full of ow. It's not excruciating pain. In some ways, I rather wish it were. No, it's just my jaw feeling out of place, a dull ache around the muscle, and a nasty spiteful headache that no painkiller can tackle. Gah.

I'm still behind on email replies. I owe Elf especially. Elf, feel free to smack me upside the head next time you see me...

And am now down to one aubergine. *suddenly hears Count Count from Sesame Street. "One! One aubergine! Hahahaha!"*

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Hey robgoodfellaHappy birthday, gorgeous.

Tilt at the windmill?
Got in the paper. Keep in mind that in British English, 'homely' is the equivalent of the American term 'homey'.  

Vocab for the day: Finally found the word I'd been looking for. Back in the spring, the Beeb showed a programme called Balderdash and Piffle, in which people talked about favourite words as well as attempted to correct dates and such in the OED. Fascinating show. Anyway, there was a chap whose fav word was 'polari', the homosexual cant used in the UK during the 1930's and onwards. Had an amazing (if woefully short) feature on it. I've been listening to a great deal of UK radio, including Round the Horne, which always has bits done by Kenneth Williams... which introduced polari to the UK masses. It's been driving me mad, not remember the word, but remembering the vocabulary of the lingo. Tch.

Oh, and got suckered into buying aubergines (eggplants) at the market. I've no idea what to do with them. Currently, they're salted on each side, and prepped for cooking in some fashion or another for tomorrow. Dammit, I was just admiring them for colour...

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The cat... Sir is sleeping on my lap. 


Now, to explain, we've had him 14 years. This is the third time -ever- that he's done this. So, yes, I'm stunned. It's not that he doesn't love us, he's just too familiar with our family's inability to sit still for very long and extremely unfond of shifting once he's settled. Understandable. I'm guessing he's finally twigged that once I've settled in front of the computer with a cup of tea and a stack of anime to watch, I might, just might, not move. 

He's heavy.

But oh so cute. 

Mmm, and I will be replying to people, honest. Spent more time talking with banks. They want to loan me money. WTF. I told them I had a huge student over draft, no property of any kind, and hello, artist, can we say no accountancy skills. They looked over the pictures of the Castle mural, the tiger mural, and my various fake wall effects, and went "Ooooh!! Fab! Maybe £1000 loan and a £500 biz overdraft?"  0_0;;;   HSBC must have gooooood drugs or something.

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Wasn't in the local paper this week. Looks like I've been bumped to the following one, dammit.

Sigh. I may go into the town market today. I want grapefruit. It will make me feel better.

*sulk* And I was looking forward to it too...

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Wrote a longish post and lost it. Nothing more depressing. Don't wanna write it again, 'cause it won't be the same. *sulks*

Terse version: Survived meeting with biz advisor, who saw mural today for first time. Liked it despite outdoor drizzle. Came up with a company name at long last, just in time for bank meetings tomorrow.

Illusory Arts.

Yes? No? Thankfully, it's free as a .com and at Companies House. Whew. Called the press with it, and might have just got in under the wire before it goes to press. 

And that's pretty much it. The other post, tho, was eloquent, witty and insightful. You'll just have to take my word for it.

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So. Been keeping stuff from you all. That's been a big part of why I vanished off the web. Not "Oh god, I'm lying to everyone!!1!1!' avoidance, don't panic about that. It's been more of the 'Man, don't want to talk about it because everytime I get my hopes up about something, it goes smash' kind of avoidance. And admittedly, it may still go smash... but dammit, I've got -pictures-.

I'm stalling... Yep. Drumroll, please.

I, Jennifer J. Kelley, aka JJ, aka Jay, etc, have started my own business.

Offically, I start it on the 29th. (It was going to begin on the 22nd, but as per usual, the chap I need to sign things is going on vacation. Argh.) I have, of couse, still to name the damn thing, but everything else, the business plan, full market analysis, a biz advisor, talks with banks, talks with the local papers (more on that below), talks with bloody everyone, that's mostly done. Once I settle on a name, whoosh, up goes the advertising and biz cards to get printed. And that's got to be done ASAP...

Anyway, I'm taking the mural painting pro. I started by doing up the temporary door here at the Castle, thus promptly gaining interest/noteriety here in Devizes. Got interviewed by the local paper last week, should be in this weeks Herald and Gazette. (yes, yes, will post the links) Both Paul, my business advisor, and the press photographer were complelely fooled by the false stone wall downstairs. Paul hasn't seen the finished door, but I've a meeting here at the Castle with him tomorrow so he will see it then. Can't wait. 

And tadah, the mural.

And that's pretty much it. Opinions of the painting gladly taken, opinions of my utter madness in doing this also taken. And if anyone has a good company name, now would be a great time to come up with one. Before the Gazette goes to press would be nice... *grin*

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