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Stupid insomnia. - Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit.
-Virgil, The Aeneid, book i., l. 203.
Stupid insomnia.

Was dutiful, and finished off the Son of Satan flatting around 1:30am, instead of crashing at 9. Stupid me. Too many nights of bad sleep with the added adreneline rush of everything going on (not quite sure when I was last so busy) has done my sleep schedule in. 

Heh. Before going to sleep, I noticed the light was on downstairs. Mum couldn't sleep either, and was in the office playing solitare. As she and I chatted, Rain came in and declared that she was going to hang a sign on our front door that reads "Shanes Castle: Open All Hours". *laughing* So true.

So, bed at 2. Snapped wide-awake at 5:45. Sigh. Went downstairs, grabbed my sketchbook and some tea, and hooked up the scanner.

This one is the one drawn on the bus 4th, Jan for JustFive.

Of course, being scanned, I boosted the contrast a bit. One of those things, I always prefer my pencils in RL over scanned.

Now the next sketch, also drawn on the (very bouncy) bus, came about because I was dwelling thinking about the DC thing as well as creating a "Thank You for Adding Me!" sketch for MySpace. Second time ever that I've drawn Catwoman...

You can see that I spent a bit more time on it. You can also see the rough outline of another cat at the bottom right, when I looked up and thought "Oh hell, where are we?! Did I miss Devizes? I don't wanna go to Urchfont!" Doing faces on a bouncy bus is so hard... *sulks*

I mentioned drawing a baby in a pram as well, but forgot to scan it. Can't be bothered to kick open Photoshop again. Meh.

And now it's 7am. Maybe I can try to get some sleep...

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1 charged into the fray or Tilt at the windmill?
saeble From: saeble Date: January 5th, 2007 07:29 am (UTC) (Link)
her tail looks almost a little high in terms of where it connects with her spine, then again, we are talking about a mythical super heroish figure.. :)

theres still ALOT of good cat in those skribbly kitties chica, dont sell em short
1 charged into the fray or Tilt at the windmill?