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Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit.
-Virgil, The Aeneid, book i., l. 203.
Type your cut contents here.The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed. Well let's see.

That book list taken from a million different people!!

1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them

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I am, by the way, still alive. Just... well, I warned people, not keen on diaries/journals to begin with, and when nothing really is going on with me but depression... well, I'd rather say nothing than feel stupid later for whining. I've also been more involved with my MySpace account (but have just left it, and am thinking about Facebook or something.) But I'd been thinking that I really ought to say -something- as it's been bloody years, just so people know I've not died. And this was interesting enough a meme, even if it's rather old.

>_< And I can't seem to get this thing to do an lj-cut for the life of me. Sorry.

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Still tired. And found the downside of the internet when Care called. I was so excited to tell her about the RUH Bath thing, and forgot completely that she could read it online. Duh. So depressing.

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Still tired tho. I was going to Adrian's gallery to sketch today, but it was raining and thought "Tired. Wet? Ew." Stayed home, invoiced Giulia. 

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Was dutiful, and finished off the Son of Satan flatting around 1:30am, instead of crashing at 9. Stupid me. Too many nights of bad sleep with the added adreneline rush of everything going on (not quite sure when I was last so busy) has done my sleep schedule in. 

Heh. Before going to sleep, I noticed the light was on downstairs. Mum couldn't sleep either, and was in the office playing solitare. As she and I chatted, Rain came in and declared that she was going to hang a sign on our front door that reads "Shanes Castle: Open All Hours". *laughing* So true.

So, bed at 2. Snapped wide-awake at 5:45. Sigh. Went downstairs, grabbed my sketchbook and some tea, and hooked up the scanner.

And now it's 7am. Maybe I can try to get some sleep...

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Went to bed at 4am. Tossed and turned until 8 then gave up as my alarm was set for 9. Worked a bit, then raced about trying to find the kiddie stuff of my portfolio in the utter mess of my room.  Last minute, found most of what I wanted, then raced to catch the bus. It's about an hour bus travel from the Castle to Bath Spa, and another 15 for the RUH bus. Spent the time organising my stuff and panicking. The usual.

Anyway, it looks really good. Looks like I'll be jazzing up the teenage activity room, which while vividly coloured feels drab and unloved. Spent almost 3 hours talking with people, redesigning the space, wrestling with my measuring tape, etc. Will say more about it later.

Then the bus back home...

So tired. 

I did do a JustFive drawing, but on the bus. My sketchbook is downstairs, the scanner's not hooked up as I'd had to use the USB for the printer... and I just can't be arsed. It's been days of bad sleeping, I feel cranky. The drawing is good tho. I actually did several, one went well over the time limit, but I'll post it here anyway. Drew a kid in a pram. (it was -staring- at me.) Drew fantasy lady. Drew Catwoman. That's the 10+ min drawing. Got so caught up in it, and the super bumpy road effect, that when I looked up, I thought I'd missed my stop! But luckily, I'd caught one of the odd buses that detours to Melksham, not my usual route. Eventually saw a signpost for Seend (and yes, that's the correct spelling), so I knew where I was. Bit freaky, mind, staring into the darkness outside the bus and wondering where the landscape came from. 

See next post for the JustFive art, plus bonus stuff!

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So, didn't mention that yesterday, after my ohsohelpful consultancy at the RU Hospital Bath, I left a message on the voice mail of the arts coordinator for the hospital. Message went roughly like this "Hi. Just started a biz in the area, want to get name out. You provide paints, I slap said paints on wall. Gratis."

Guess which hospital has a big art committee meeting coming up?

So, 9:20am, she rang me. I'm guessing roughly ten minutes after hearing my message this morning. I have a meeting tomorrow in Bath with her to see the space, show my portfolio... Looks like I will be painting the Children's Ward.

This is good. Yeah, no money. (I do want them to cover my bus fare, tho, dammit.) However the good press, I'm sure the local paper will cover it, will fall in early Feb, just when people start thinking about wall stuff. 

Of course I'm still rushing around, finishing the flatting -and- still have the DC Comics proposal with its shiny tempting paper as well...

When it rains, it bloody well tips it down. Told Adrian, the lovely gallery owner who's kind enough to let me draw on his gallery's work table, that I should have named my biz Avalanche illustration. Nothing for ages, then one shout of "Hallo?" and whoomph

And finally...


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Got my twenty pages of official penciller paper via FedEx today, straight from the DC office. Of course, I'm still flatting Son of Satan, so I won't start panicking over the scary pristine sheets until Thursday.

Will post my just-five sketch later. Had my appt at the Royal United Hospital in Bath this morning, got back at 6pm and crashed. 

The jaw problem : Consultant said yes, fronto-temporal mandibular joint whatsit, poor thing, just like back aches, virtually uncurable once the ligament goes kerblooey. Surgery an option for less than 3% of patients, mostly thought to do more damage than good. Whole stupid thing may vanish on its own, come back years later. Could just switch sides of jaw for fun of it. 

Result: Still have to be careful about how much I use my jaw. No taffy, for example. Must quit biting my nails. (Been there, worn the nail polish). Wear mouthguard thing to bed. Take occassional muscle relaxing pills and pain meds. See the consultant again in four months.

I sulked my way around Bath, ogled the sales, bought myself a brand new surgical scalpel and blades for pencil sharpening. (Not to carve up my consultant, really! He's a nice man.)

Back to flatting. 

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Not often that I bother. But this year... Well.

You all probably remember the five or less sketches I used to do on my wacom tablet, mostly as a loosening up exercise. Good practice, good fun, and of great amusement to the lot of you, as I recall. 

Stopped doing it, don't know why. And thus:

I resolve to start doing my under-five sketches again, one a day. I'll post them here, although it may be a once a week post with all the images. So, My first under-five min sketch of the year. I was vaguly wishing that our local pub would allow for some Callahan's Bar style glass smashing. Alas, they don't. Despite the fact they've the perfect 400 year old fireplace... sigh.


And in a fit of madness, I've launched a community called JustFive.  If you want to join me in my New Years Resolution, feel free.

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Bits and pieces from yesterdays post. (I loathe back editing.)

In the story of the burning Christmas pudding:

As we used a tea-towel to smother the flames, I commented to mum that you're supposed to use brandy butter to set the pudding alight, not foil...

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